Where and how to buy and sell used clothes in India?

Fashion is no more some other field, it has well inculcated with the day to day life of the individuals. It is no more biased with accessories, or perfumes or jewelry or apparels or gadgets or even gender. So whether you are planning to purchase something exclusive for an international holiday or something ethnic and traditional for your sister’s marriage, you are well aware of the fact that you are not the only one who is spending thousands trying to make a fashion statement. However, your another concern remains that what after that, you can wear the beautiful dress once or twice, you can’t carry that exclusive bag daily to your office, and you cannot even sport just one pair of footwear in all the parties. You need something different and you also need to get relieved of the expensive things in your closet. It is for fashionable individuals like you that there are a number of online sites available, where you can sell second hand clothes online india.

This is one of the most developing and favorable of all online shops in the country. Here is provided a list of some of the best of the second hand online shops which will allow you to a detailed view of the second hand dresses sale for india:-

  1. Tradly Social is the social marketplace app where you can easily list items through your mobile App. There are lot of fashion sellers currently doing their business on Tradly. Download the app now!
  2. Oncewear.com is the online website which specializes in shopping, selling and swapping of used designer apparels, jewelry and accessories by just a click. So, whether you feel stuck with that heavily embroidered saree or plan to go for the pre owned bags in india, you have the exact online address to it. You will not have to worry a tad bit in relation to the entire transaction since it is absolutely safe.
  3. Elanic is the perfect opportunity for you to sell right from your doorstep. Yes! You read that right. You just need to provide a list of the products which have been gently used by you. At Elanic the representatives will inspect them, sanitize them and make them ready to be sold. As soon as your product is sold the representative will be visiting you in order to collect it. You will be paid the amount either by bank transfer or credit stored.
  4. Vintagedesi.com  is your perfect stop for designer wears. Whether you are looking for the most sought after designer garment for you or wants to buy gauri and nainika online for making your child look the little Fashionista, the online website has every answer. This particular website works as it negotiates with the designers as well as local brands to provide you the same at the best price. Another aspect is that you will also be also be able to purchase men’s wear from here.
  5. Didiswardrobe is the online store which provides connectivity to the buyers, sellers of the novel and used Indian clothing, jewelry and accessories for men, women and kids. Quality is what this portal is known for.

Also you can use Tradly Social Mobile App to buy and sell used clothes.

With the many number of options available you too can select on in accordance with your choice.

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