Whats the Simple Easy Hairstyles for School College Girls?

So you have been searching for the Simple, Easy and Stylish hairstyles? Here we will cover about the the simple easy hairstyle for school & college girls that they can do at home for short or long hair. Please add comment on your experience and if there is anything we need to add here for others.

Hairstyle for college girls

Martin Luther once said, “The hair is the richest ornament of women.” – Well, he was so right at so many places. A woman’s hair is like a river forever flowing and forever shining away to glory and if properly styled, can make her look like a diva all ready to walk the ramp!

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We know that hiring a hairstylist is too heavy for your pockets but when you have a pair of hands that can do the same work then who needs a dresser anyway?

As college goers, girls struggle everyday with their hair. Popular dilemmas as to whether tie them up or let them loose or experiment with them to look good are daily struggles so let’s let you get out of those mundane hairstyles and give you all a new set of ideas to add a spark to your life!


We present to you top ten DIY hairstyles that are simple yet stylish and will definitely enhance your beauty!

Fishtail Braid:

Aah, doesn’t the name in itself sound sexy enough? Braids have been helping women experiment with their looks since 300 BC and each day women come with a brand new look just by braiding their hair! Fishtail braids are so effortless to make- all you need to do is toss your tresses to one side in a low ponytail and part your ponytail into two sections and start braiding them together, and, viola! You’re ready to flaunt a chic look in college smoothly!

Hairstyle for college girls 2

Image courtesy: https://www.tumblr.com/search/fishtail%20braiding

 Ocean waves:

You don’t need to colour your hair blue in order to achieve ocean waves. All you need to do is create a middle parting and take a round brush to rock n roll your sections of parted hair around with a pinch of blow-drying and the results would be magnificent. You can also use a curling iron to make soft curls in your hair or overnight braids also do wonders when you need a seductive wavy look for the morning *wink wink*

Hairstyle for college girls 3

Image courtesy: http://fr-style.blogspot.in/2015/06/men-hairstyles-long-top-short-sides.html

Topsy turvy side ponytail:

Don’t worry if you cannot manage open hair! We have the perfect style for you right here! Just gather your hair in a low ponytail and all you need to do is tie it more towards one side and tie your ponytail with a scarf/ribbon! Once the style is complete, you can even accessorize your hair with feather extensions to add that x-factor to your sexy look!

Hairstyle for college girls 4

Image courtesy: http://xpressmag.com/exclusive-6-ideas-side-hairstyles-2015/side-swept-twist-hairstyles-ponytail/

Clumsy Bun Hairstyle

So, ladies, do you want that OH-SO-DESIRABLE ‘carefully looking careless’ look? Well, all it takes is a few minutes and some bobby pins. Gather all your hair and tie it with a rubber band. Remember- don’t brush your hair before tying. Once you’ve tied your hair, all you need to do is pull a few strands here and there and apply hairspray to fix them. In just a matter of few minutes, you’re all set to hit the college looking absolutely carefully yet carelessly stylish 😉

Hairstyle for college girls 5

Image courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jveyo15dOM

Side French Braid hairstyle

The side French braid is trouble-free and a low maintenance hairstyle. You just need to French braid your hair on your head and make a side ponytail letting down the remaining strands. This hairstyle works wonders at college parties as well as on an everyday basis.

Hairstyle for college girls 6Image courtesy: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/summer-hairstyles-2012/p113122/page6


Headband retro chic look:

Hairstyling doesn’t only mean that you need to roll your hair to one side or braid them up. If you feel you’re too lazy to braid or roll, all you can do is wear a headband and comb your hair to the front and then see the magic. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be transformed into a sexy diva without spending long hours in front of the mirror.

Hairstyle for college girls 7Image courtesy: http://whatabetty.com/product-category/headbands/


Half curly ponytail:

If you have long curly hair then this hairstyle is going to do wonders on you. Part your hair into two halves and tie the upper part with a rubber band or you can even tie them like a bow. Let loose the lower part and take a section of your hair to rest on your shoulders and trust us, you’ll look absolutely stunning. To glamorize your look further, you can wear round loops in your ears and a deep top and you’re all set, darling!

Hairstyle for college girls 8Image courtesy: http://therighthairstyles.com/the-most-magnetizing-hairstyles-for-thick-wavy-hair/14/

Loose curls with Braid:

To don this hairstyle you need take a section of hair from each side of your ear and braid it at the back like a pin and the other sections of hair must be under the braid arranged in a loose fashion. This hairstyle might take few more minutes than required but the end result makes up for the lost time!

Hairstyle for college girls 9Image courtesy: http://therighthairstyles.com/the-most-magnetizing-hairstyles-for-thick-wavy-hair/14/


A high clean bun:

This look is bold and gives you that edgy personality. Even though the styling amounts to nothing but this look works for almost everything, be it college getaways or late night parties. All you need to do is make a nice clean high bun and accessorise your look with a long pair of earrings and you’re set for the day.

Hairstyle for college girls 10Image courtesy: http://beautybestfriend.com/hair-covered-bun-donut/

A puffed up high ponytail:

Puffs never go out of fashion and so does the ponytail and if you amalgamate the two together, the results are spectacular! Don’t trust us? Try it yourself! 😉

Hairstyle for college girls 11Image courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/poof-ponytail/

We guess you have best experience, Comment your suggestion so we can add in the list!