Ways to make your home green and healthy

Diksha Awasthi


Wherever we might go, home is the only place we want to come back to after the days full of struggles with life. It is a place that should detoxify your mind and soul and give you a sense of freshness and calmness and one must work towards making their homes absolutely healthy and beautiful. Talking about beautiful, there’s nothing more exquisite than filling your home with nature’s love and make it as environment friendly as possible. As we all know, the levels of pollution are rising day by day and its becoming more and more tough to survive in such a harsh environment which is unfortunately created by us and due to this, it is of great importance that one should do as much as possible to keep pollution at bay. Since charity begins at home, one should begin the save the environment saga from home itself and then go on a wider scale.

So, here we are going to tell you how to transform your home green and healthy abode thereby breathing pollution free air and living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Replace paper

    Now that we’ve tried and replaced plastic bags, we’ve unknowingly switched to paper bags thinking that they’re more eco friendly, which of course they are but we fail to notice that paper comes from trees. This way, the more the need for paper, the more trees would be chopped off hence causing deforestation. Therefore, the first thing to replace at your home is paper- use cloth tissue instead of paper tissues, use cloth bags for storing as well as for shopping and you can also replace your daily newspaper with e-news thereby saving huge amounts of paper and environment!


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  1. Say yes to natural light

    Style your house in such a manner that there’s maximum penetration of sunlight inside during the day so that you don’t have to make unnecessary use of incandescent lights. If a necessity, switch to CFL bulbs which are more eco friendly and save considerable amount of electricity. You can also use bulbs to make your home green and healthy that are run by solar energy which is a more smart and healthy way to go green.


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  1. Unplug your life-

    One of the most important ways to make your home green and healthy is by keeping a proper check as to whether all the appliances are unplugged when not in use. Most of us commit mistakes of leaving the TV plug, phone chargers, or extension cables on even when not in use and due to this electricity keeps on draining. Make it a habit to turn all the plugs off before going to bed, or stepping out of the house, or whenever the appliances are not being used. Also, use energy efficient appliances like LED TVs, turbo chargers, and at least 4 star appliances that will help you conserve energy.


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  1. Go minimalistic way-

    Start de-cluttering to achieve a perfect eco friendly home! Make a house tour and pack all the things you feel you don’t need anymore; you can pack the things in three separate bags titled- GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY, PUT AWAY. You can either give away the pre used items (even on Tradly), or throw the absolute trash (not recommended though because everything can be put to use), or you can upcycle/recycle the items to give them a new life. This way you’re not just de-cluttering but doing multiple things at a time!


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  1. Recycle Old Batteries-

    Now days we’re dependent on machines for everything in one form or the other. Most of them are run through batteries. What happens when the appliances stop working? What happens to the batteries of these machines? You can recycle these batteries and can make your home green and healthy. The batteries contain toxic materials which should not be thrown with other household materials. Recycling makes these batteries re-usable again. So next time you see an old inverter battery or a car battery or any battery from the wall clock or from TV remote, just give recycling a shot.


Source: http://ecomerge.blogspot.in/2013/04/the-importance-of-recycling-batteries.html

  1. Compost Kitchen Waste-

    Most of the waste we produce at home comes from the kitchen. As much as we all love to eat, we do not see the amount of waste generated on an everyday basis just from vegetable peels, egg shells, waste from other raw materials used to prepare food. According to many surveys, in India alone, we produce tonnes and tonnes of solid waste and just dump it all into the dustbin. Instead of doing this, one must start composting kitchen waste to make your home green and healthy. All you need to dump all organic matter in a compost pile and mix it with plant trimmings and you have all the nutrition for your soil literally from scratch!


Source: http://theselfsufficientliving.com/how-to-make-a-compost/

  1. Going Natural-

    With the advancement of technology, we have become dependent on a electric appliances. However, these luxuries come with a price which our nature has to pay. There are a lot of substitutes which are available in the market and that too at a nominal price which serve the purpose just perfectly and make your home green and healthy. Mud based refrigerators are available which provide the same level of cooling and that too without the use of any electricity. Solar panels and solar water heaters have also been advanced now which can substitute our appliances. Solar panels once setup can provide electricity by just capturing sunlight.


Source: http://wonderfulengineering.com/indian-guy-invents-a-fridge-that-does-not-need-electricity-to-keep-things-cool/


  1. Minimal use of Wood-

    A recent study revealed that in China approximately 57 billion pairs of chop sticks are produced each year. To cater to such demand they cut down 1.18 million square meters of forest cover each year. Switching to a reusable substitute and decreasing this number is the need of the hour. This was just one of the examples how we’re ignoring the importance of trees and wood in general. Trees are the one way we can stop global warming. As much as planting more and more trees is important, it’s also important to realize how our environment is getting affected by our ignorance towards nature. Substitutes should be found and implemented immediately.


Source: http://frankrhynosvalleyfirewood.blogspot.in/p/3-firewood.html


  1. Go all Organic:

    The most important step is to go organic in almost every sector where you can. A lot of companies are thriving to introduce the use of organic vegetables in our daily meals. These vegetables and fruits are grown without the use of any hazardous fertilizers and are therefore free from any chemicals. This is why you can make your home green and healthy. As the technology is being adopted on a global level, therefore the prices might seem to be on a heavier side. But with time as people will start adopting this technology, it will start getting easy on our pocket too. So, let’s support them for a greener and healthier life!


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  1. Maintain a garden-

    This might sound a bit fancy but trust me it is important to make your home green and healthy. If you have space outside your house, then you must maintain a sustainable garden in order to let fresh air enter your home every day and even if you don’t have space, you can still use pots to nurture plants, be it flowers or other small domestic plants.


Source: http://juohco.com/five-5-reasons-why-going-organic-is-good-for-your-fertility/