Whats the best app for selling second hand items?

At times, it is quite good to sell unnecessary items in the household. Selling the old unused items can help you to give you more space for new items, and it can also be great to earn money with the same. Just, think of a room where you have a number of items, which you do not use. Keeping them in your house will eventually ruin the gadgets, and dust will accumulate on the gadgets, which will be quite tough to clean. But, if you sell them, you can get more space for something you love, and you can get a dust free house with a lot of money in the pocket.

Sell off second hand items which you do not need

In the old days, you have to talk to people you know, just to sell of the items, which you do not need anymore. It needed a lot of hard work to find persons who can purchase your gadgets. If you fail to sell the items to a particular purchaser, you will get depressed, and repeat the same old steps again, just to get a new purchaser.

Second hand items online

Those days are gone now, as the internet has the power to offer you numerous ways to sell off your unnecessary gadgets, which can be helpful for some other persons in your city or country. But, if you are still a bit reluctant to sell off those gadgets, here are a few motivating tips for you.

Unnecessary second hand items

You must have purchased a number of items, which are no longer helpful, or it was never helpful, after you purchased them. Just consider a fish aquarium, which you have purchased long ago, or a computer, which has turned quite sluggish now. What exactly will you do, with such items, which are no longer in use, but you can still draw a few pennies from it!

second hand items

Smartphones are quite popular nowadays. But, from time to time, new models come to the market, which means, you will no longer find interest in the old ones. Even if you find interest in them, you will notice that the phones too, turn sluggish and you cannot play the latest games on it. Thus, if you want to sell of unnecessary items, you can find a lot of small items in your house, which can eventually fetch you a few dollars, for utilizing it in a proper way, which you want.

The answer to the question

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proper answer to the question


A question might come in your mind that, what the purchasers will do, after purchasing the second hand items from you. The answer is quite simple. The second hand items cost much lesser, compared to the first hand ones, and a lot of people are out there, who cannot afford the first hand product, with the amount of money they have. You will get lured by new technologies, but others will not be lured for a number of aspects. Thus, if you think of selling off your gadgets, you will definitely find a number of persons, who want to get the second hand products at a cheaper, and affordable price. Moreover, when you can sell off all your unnecessary items, by sitting at your home, why not try it!

The best platform for second hand items

Tradly India New Social marketplace to discover , buy, sell, donate used and new items from mobile

Tradly app for second hand items

One of the best ways to sell item or unused gadgets in your house is to use the Tradly app, which offer everything, or more than what you need for selling off your household gadgets. It is one of the best apps and the best platform for selling unnecessary items, as it can give you a real life selling experience from your smartphones. Using the app is quite simple, and the steps to post your own gadgets for sell is quite easy, compared to other apps of the same category. Here are the basic steps to use your Tradly app to sell off items, which you no longer need in your home.

Using the app – 1st step


download the app to buy second hand items

The first step is to download the app from the store, allotted for your platform. You can search for the app from the store, and you can down it from the search results. Once it gets installed properly on your mobile device, you will have to open an account on the platform. The account is necessary for the Tradly authority to understand the authenticity of the user. In order to open an account on Tradly, you will need only an existing email address with your name, and other basic details. You will have to enter the information in the designated fields in the Tradly app. Once it is done, you are ready to open your account on the Tradly app, and you are ready to sell off the items, which you want.

Giving an advertisement

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advertisement for second hand items

Once you are done with the process of registration, you can get the option to post an advertisement, or simply and ad on the platform. Just click on the designated button, and you can get the place to post your ad. Keep a few photos of the product ready, or capture the photos with the help of the camera app provided with Tradly. Try to capture proper photos of the gadgets, such that the purchasers do not find it hazy, but find it interesting, however. Enter the basic details of the product, which include the name of the product, the category of the product, the purchasing price of the product, the price, you want to sell the product at, quality of the product, any defects, and other similar pieces of information.

Giving your details

Apart from the product details, you will have to enter your address, mobile number, where you want to be communicated at, and other pieces information, which are related to you, rather than the product. Once you enter all the details, which are mentioned here, you are ready to post the advertisement, which will be visible to the other purchasers, who are willing to purchase the product, of the category, you posted as an advertisement. Once you do it, you will get the call of a number of purchasers, who are quite willing to purchase your product.

The chat option

chat option for second hand items

Sometimes, you might not want to enter your mobile number. There are a number of people of the category, who do not want to disclose the number to the public. For the reason, The Tradly app came with an option to chat with the purchasers, who are willing to purchase your product. You must have information about the smartphones apps for the purpose of chatting. The chat app, which come with Tradly is quite similar to that. You can talk with the persons, who are willing to purchase the items, you have posted as an ad. The best aspect about the mode of communication is that, you can talk to the person regarding the purchase, and the product, without having to disclose your mobile number. Though, at the time of opening the account, you will have to provide the mobile number, for security purposes.

Settling the price for second hand items

As you will come through a huge number of purchasers, it is your duty, and you should use your own skills to choose the most genuine and the most profitable buyer. You will have to devise a strategy, where will fetch you the profit, retaining the profit of the user, as well. It is not fair to set the price of a defective product to a high value, and thus, the Tradly app come with an option to set or find the maximum price, in which the item could be sold. Though, it is a tentative value, which is dependent on the deprecation value, buy back value and other economic parameters, you can set your own price, as well, if you find it fair. If you have a rare second hand product, which is quite popular, and it is not available at present, you can set the price to a value above the maximum price. Thus, you should have the opposite strategies, as well.

The time you should give

As you will come through a number of purchasers, you should give enough time to go through and assess a number of customers. You may not get the desired price on the first call or the second call. It is good to wait for some more time, before settling the product to sell it at a cheaper price, lesser than your expectations. Thus, you may have to go talk to a number of customers, which can be 7 to 10 in the worst case, if you want to sell the same at an affordable price. It is the best way to sell your products at Tradly. Once you get the desired purchaser, you should not wait long, as the purchaser might get the same product at a cheaper price, from a different seller.

License related products

lincesed second hand items

In many cases, you may need to sell of products, which have a license related to it. It include bikes, cars, and other items. In such cases, you may have to talk to the police or the license agencies, and disclose them, that you are about to sell the product to a different person. Before selling the products, which have licenses, you should legally furnish that you do not have any right on the item, which you have sold. Options for settling gadgets, which are related to licenses will not be available in the Tradly app. In such cases, you will have to do all the paperwork before you sell the gadgets off to the purchaser, in order to avoid any time of unwanted consequences. Depending upon the country, the paperwork is a subject to change, and it is also dependent on the type of product, license, and other similar aspects.

Meet the purchaser

Thus, once you get in touch with the purchaser, you should call the purchaser to a good place, which is convenient for both of you. Depending upon the type of product, you can ask the purchaser to meet you at a hotel or your home, depending upon your product. Once you meet face to face, take the money and sell the product to the purchaser. It is by far the best way to use Tradly to sell off items, which you no longer need in your home. Once you sell off your item, you can give a feedback to the Tradly authority to show them, you have sold the product to the desired purchaser, without facing any type of issues with the process.