Tradly Social keeps on growing, thanks to you!

Hi Everyone!

We’re sure you’ve noticed that Tradly Social has grown quite a bit over the past few months—thanks to you, our wonderful community members!

This week we are excited to announce an update to our android app based on your feedback, here are some of the great changes we’ve made to our app to make it even more fun and easy to use:

“Follow” your favorite people: You can now follow people from the app by clicking on the “Follow” button in the top right corner of their profile.


Personalised feed: Now when you enter the home page, you will have your personalized feed like facebook on your home page according to your interests

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 1

Notifications Section: Our community members wanted to be updated, so we have released a notifications section which will update them on product likes and when someone followed them.

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 5

Buy Online Button: Now you can Buy Online if you are busy to meet the person !

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 4

New Categories: Now you can buy & Sell variety of women clothes and accessories from Tradly app

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 3

Weekly Newsletter to your Email Box:  We know some of our members are interested in PRO TIPS, So we will be sending you tips for selling and buying. All available under Tradly Blog

Tradly Newsletter

Push Notifications to your mobile: We love to send a few useful notifications to update you on the new product listings. 

We are also continuing to receive helpful feedback from all of you, so keep those ideas coming to!

Some of the most common suggestions include: a way to share the locations with traders, vast products to trade and improving college discovering feature.

We are working hard to bring you new changes based on what we hear from you, so stay tuned for all of the latest updates!