10 Things You Can RECYCLE That You Did Not Know Before


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In this post-modern world, all lives move with the speed of light and nobody has time for anything other than their own worlds.
It’s a widely known fact that while living our lives leisurely, we all end up generating a certain amount of waste every day. India produces 42.0 million tons of municipal solid waste annually at present out of which only 10-20 percent of the waste is recycled in environmentally friendly conditions. This mass production of waste could be reduced exponentially if we try and look for the alternatives as to how one can make it a point to not generate unnecessary and excessive waste and try and reuse and recycle as much as we can.
Talking about recycling, you know, it’s so much fun when you come up to learn that so many items that we use daily can be easily recycled, at home or outside. Reusing or recycling certain items is not rocket science and we all must pledge to turn ourselves to smart citizens and think about all the ways we can resort to while decreasing the filthy mass that’s left open in the landfills for the vultures to hover over.
In case you’re new to this classy concept of recycling, worry not, because we’re at your rescue! Follow the list of 10 things you can recycle below to check out the items you can easily recycle, at home, at specific locations, or even virtually!

1) Mobile Phones and electronics Recycle

It is astounding to notice that the number of mobile phones users in the world is expected to reach five billion mark by 2019! With great numbers comes great waste. Discarded phones make up to 80% of the electronic waste every year. Recycling cell phones would decrease the waste produced and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a certain extend. Just recycling a million phones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing 1386 cars off the road for a year.

It is no tough task to recycle your phones. Leading phone manufacturing company, Nokia started ‘Take Back’ recycling campaign back in 2008, an initiative to collect old phones for recycling. It has over 1400 recycling points where you can drop your old phone and ensure it is recycled to its fullest. If you’re unable to find recycling drop location, you can even go online and do the needful. Sites like www.atterobay.com allows you to get your device recycled easily.
Apart from cell phones, almost all gadgets can be easily recycled. A computer that all of us own today is capable of being 100% recycled. Your peripherals like keyboards, cables, mouse, computer speakers, printers, hard drives, and optical media, all of this can be recycled. You can check out sites such as www.zerowaste.co.in or www.karmarecycling.in to do your bit.


Source: http://mobmobilephones.blogspot.in/2014/12/mobile-phone-recycling.html

2) Wood Recycle

One might not notice, but wood is in everything. Right from the wooden flooring that people nowadays prefer to kitchen cabinets, dressing table, beds, cupboards, and almost 90% of the furniture is made out of wood. As we all know, the only source of wood is our beloved trees that are indiscriminately chopped off to fulfil our requirements. Uses of wood at an industrial level is increasing as industries like plywood industry, transport, industry, and even paper industry requires wood as a raw material. Hence, forests are decreasing and according to the 2011 Forest Survey of India, forests only cover 22 percent of India. In such a case, wood recycling becomes very important and necessary. Green-O-Tech India came into the forefront in 2014 and became the leading service provider for wood recycling. They’ve so far recycled tons of waste wooden for their clients. Apart from wood, www.greenotechindia.com offers service for waste paper, plastics, and metals. So, next time you break a chair, don’t simply burn it to ashes, during winter! Rather, recycle and pledge to save more trees this time! This is a great option if you are looking for options regarding 10 things you can recycle.


Source: http://www.bodensgroup.com/services/wood-waste-collections/

3) Waste tyres Recycle

In a year, one billion tyres are manufactured in the world and an equal number of tyres are removed from the vehicles, as waste. Even though The United States lead in the production of waste tyres, yet, with the increase in vehicle sale, India is not far behind in contributing to the waste. The stockpiling and dumping of tyres has become hazardous to the environment leading the tyres at the risk of catching fire thus producing toxic smoke. One of the largest tyre fires took 15 years to extinguish! Do you see the gravity of the situation? If yes, then join hands to not dump the waste tires, but make use of recycling plants to give away your wastage. Divya International is the manufacturer of waste tyre recycling plants in India and has set up their plant since 2007. You can easily collaborate with them and reduce your tyre waste. For more details visit their website at www.divyaint.com .


Source: http://www.economist.com/node/16780047

4) Vehicle batteries Recycle

In India, the Central Pollution Control Board has asked lead-acid batteries manufacturers to set up collection points for used batteries from consumers as well as dealers. It is because the batteries form lead sulphate while it discharges which is toxic and must be disposed off carefully. One should NEVER throw any sort of battery away, but if used, should return the battery from where it was purchased, the company will further send the battery for recycling. This way you’re saving yourself from being exposed to insidious toxic being lead.


Source: http://www.worldwidebattery.com/green-living/

5) Glass Recycle

Glass is a very common household material that is used as jars, containers, bottles, and even as show pieces or cutlery. Having so many uses, glass can easily be melted and recycled to be moulded into a brand new product altogether. Most of the times, when we drink anything from the glass bottle we either break it on the ground or dump it, whereas a better option would be to give away glass bottles to your informal recycle items collector and send your stuff across recycling. If not, you could even go online and check out www.pompom.in/glass.php to get your glass recycled. Apart from recycling, glass bottles can even be used to plant saplings, for decor, as well as to store water because we all know that using glass bottles is anyway better than using plastic bottles.



Source: http://www.packaginginnovation.com/product-packaging/food-packaging-2/benefits-recycling-glass-packaging/

6) Shoes Recycle

What do you do when your running shoes no longer fulfil your purposes? Throw them away, isn’t it? It is a really sad fact that about 35 crore pairs of running shoes are discarded every year and around 1.2 Billion people wake up without any pair of footwear. We blindly throw away our shoes if our feet grow out of them or the sole becomes rugged, or we get bored by using the same pair for so long. As we all know that all that shoes are a fairly common necessity and it’s dreadful that a lot of people are deprived of the same. Therefore, next time why not recycle your old pair instead of just discard them off? Keeping this concept in mind, two Indian athletes came up with the idea of starting what is called Greensole which is “an organisation which refurbishes old shoes into comfortable and trendy footwear for hundreds of children who walk to school,” based in Mumbai, it recycles your old pair to turn them into a new one for the needy! So, next time you think of what to do with your old shoe, log on to www.greensole.in and you’ll find all your answers.


Source: http://www.planetaid.org/blog/recycling-and-donating-shoes-what-happens-to-old-footwear

7) Old and tattered clothes Recycle

Our household is filled with clothes in the form of bed covers, cushion covers, blankets, sheets, or daily attires that we wear. Most of the time there are a lot stuff which we no longer require and we simply reuse it at times in the form of dusters. But, a lot better choice would be to donate your used clothes for recycling so that they could be made into new items like padding for the chair, and car seats, or industrial blankets. Social initiatives in India like Goonj that take up the initiative to recycle old clothes and provide them to the needful section of society. To know more about clothes recycling, check out www.goonj.org and for more information also check out https://thewire.in/54699/waghri-and-chindhiwaali-workers/



Source: http://www.wisbechstandard.co.uk/news/people_in_cambridgeshire_encouraged_to_recycle_clothes_as_part_of_love_your_clothes_campaign_1_3714140

8) Ink cartridge Recycle

If you own a printer, you’d be happy to know that you can get your ink cartridges recycled for better experience and price. Recycling them is environment friendly and also reduces landfill because every cartridge you throw away takes more than hundred years to biodegrade. So, be eco-friendly and just log on to www.tonersense.in/cartridge-recycler-in-delhi/ and recycle your junk.


Source: http://www.ecohustler.co.uk/2014/11/18/printer-ink-cartridge-recycling-tips-for-uk-households/

9) Books Recycle

Books are something that all of us love to possess but it would be a great idea if we incorporate the habit of donating the used books to charities and even the publishing houses. One book donated would make a difference to the ones who’re just starting to make sense with the words. You can donate books via mobile app using Tradly App


Source: https://consciouslivingtv.com/home-garden/great-ways-to-recycle-books.html

10) Bicycles Recycle

– There are so many children who walk to school from home for such long distances because they cannot afford to buy a bicycle but most of us are! Once in a lifetime, all of us owned a bicycle and it still might be stuck in our garage doing absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact all the parts of the bicycle are recyclable and you can even give away your bike for someone who needs it more than you. Initiatives like ‘Cycle Recycle’ started by journalist Sunandan Lele provides bicycles to needy school kids. He runs this initiative from the Springfields Housing Society in Kothrud, Pune. Apart from that, you can also give away your bikes to the bicycle centres and they’ll be recycled for the better.


Source: http://www.bikehub.co.uk/featured-articles/recycling/

So, these are the 10 things you can recycle to relive and rejoice in life!

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