The Best Way To Exchange Unused Books with The Help Of Tradly

Are you one of those students who have a passionate love for books and would like to TRADE books available? Books can really be expensive and buying many books at a time can cost you a great deal of money as well. Have you heard of Tradly? The trending app that has been specially designed for college students so that they can buy and sale as well as exchange unused books, tools, materials and instruments for their acedemic.

What all do you need to know about Tradly?

Tradly is an android mobile app where you can post the item, so when any person is interested in your book, they can easily contact you via tradly chat option, discuss and arrange a meeting to exchange the book. Even if you don’t want to exchange also, you can list all your unused books for a discounted rate. So that other students and people can buy them at an affordable rate. It has been introduced in Chennai and is now being used by students of few colleges all across India. Tradly is the first mobile only marketplace that would help you to discover, connect and trade with friends, as well as nearby neighbors.

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1. How to Post a item to Exchange/ Sell / Donate? 

Its very easy to post a item in tradly app, its a 3 simple guiding steps in the app.

  1. Sell second hand items via tradlyTake a picture of your Item (Minimum one photo)
  2. Select the Category of your items (Example: Books or Text Books)
  3. Describe your item (Example: Title, Price, description)
  4. Enter your contact details (Location of the item)
  5. POST IT ! Awesome we will approve after reviewing.

Select Pricing Type = Swap for exchanges to exchange your item with others

2. Discover items by Colleges

You can find everything that you are looking for and also connect with other college students, designers, merchants as well as new friends.

For Example:

If you are a student of Anna University and wanted to find the list of books you can trade within your college.

Go to Search section > Search “Anna University”. It will results all the books tagged under Anna University

Allows you to Chat & Negotiate with Seller without revealing your personal info.


Chat Image

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 4

When you find the item you are looking, the next thing is to find who is selling the item and contact them for more information.

For Example:

You have found your most wanted item. Open the item > Find the “Chat to Buy” Button > Start the chat and negotiate if you have anything without revealing any of your personal information!



Donating or Give Away to the needy people.

You may felt that your cupboard is getting really cluttered or may be filling the space without a need because of your obsession to keep all your books. Yes most of us do 🙂   You can use the Tradly app for a noble cause also! How?

  1. Filter out the list of books you don’t want anymore ,
  2. Open the Tradly app in your mobile
  3. Go to Side Menu > Click Submit  a Item
  4. In Details of Item, Select GIVE AWAY as a pricing
  5. Post it, SUPER! Now there is someone going to be benefitted because of You

For Example:

When you post a item for give away, the respective person can contact you for more details via tradly chat. You can arrange a meeting with him to pass the item.

Follow your favorite boutique store and designers items.

One of the unique thing about tradly is its social app feature, similar how instagram & facebook allow you to follow your favorite people.

For Example:

May be you find a person who is a bookwarm 😉 and has lots of books in his collection to sell. So to avoid missing his new listings, You can follow him via Tradly. Your personalized feed will show his listings!

Get notified like facebook

Did some one like your item or followed you ? Never miss that. In Tradly app, all things are under your control. Get notified!

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 5

What kind of item you can post?

Books to sports items! Anything you don’t want. You can list various kinds of books ranging from books for educational purposes like English, language, history, geography and science for undergraduate students as well as books like MBA, medical entrance tests, law, and many more for post graduate college students who are pursuing higher education.

2016_03_27_Tradly_Facebook MPA Screenshot 3

And yes you have a mobile bazaar in your hand!


Now browse the Tradly app from anywhere and everywhere. You can search for a variety of books sitting at home, in school, in college or while travelling as well. This app is available to download also on your mobile if you have an Internet connection and a smart phone. Click here to Download Tradly App to experience this fun with your friends!

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