The Best Eight Ways To Sell Second Hand Books India

There are different ways to sell your old books in India. Here are 8 of the best and leading ways to sell your old books. Though Tradly is the best option, there are other options, as well. Here are a few of such points.

If you are a bookworm, you must have completed reading a huge number of books. Reading books is a pleasure and thus, with time, you will keep on purchasing new books every day. But, if you read a book on a regular basis, you will eventually finish reading the books within a few weeks, and in the best case, you may finish it within a few days. What can you do with the books, you have already completed!

There are a lot of options for you. You can either keep them in your books shelf to read them later, or sell second hand books India. In the first case, your book shelf will eventually get saturated and you cannot get any new books, while in the second case, you can earn money selling the books in one hand while getting new space and money to purchase new books. If you are looking for ways to sell the books, here are eight of the best places and ways, where selling can be a true success.

Share with or sell it to friends, the first option

Sell Second Hand Book India

If you have a number of friends, who want to purchase old books from you, you an easily sell your old books to them. But, not everybody has friends like that, and you should search for other persons, who can purchase the books from you. When it comes to selling among friends, then you can choose Tradly app, where you can easily sell or buy second hand books. Even the best part is while buying the second hand books you can actually see the picture of the book, which will give you an apt indication about the quality and situation of the book before you buy it.

Give it to a bookseller as the next option

Second Book Selling

You can even sell the books to a local store, which are willing to sell old books. Such bookstalls are quite popular in India, and you can use the market place to sell second hand books India. But, there is a problem in it. Let the price of a books be Rs. 500. When you will sell it at Rs. 250, as a second hand book, the trader will certainly take 50% or Rs. 125 from it, giving you the remaining Rs. 125. Why will you depend on them, when you can sell it at Rs. 250 and get the complete money!

Use the Internet as your tool to sell second hand books India as a good idea

Sell Books in Websites

Today, with the advent of the Internet, a number of options are available for you to sell second hand books India, and other similar products. The best part about it is, nobody will ask for a commission, and you can do all by siting at the most pleasant corner of your bedroom, with your computer or smartphone. If you are having such a good option, why will you go for options, which ask for a commission, for selling tour best possessions!

Tradly as a the best place to sell second hand books India

Tradly – Sell Second Hand Books

One of the best places to sell second hand books India is Tradly. As it has been already said, it is the best took for a number of reasons. The first is the user interface. When you visit the website, you can easily get the options to add a new advertisement for the books. You can get easy options to post the advertisement and that too with photos of the book. Just capture a few photographs of the books you want to sell, beforehand. If you do not have access to a computer, you can use your smartphone, as well. The Tradly app also has its own smartphone app, where you can post your own free ad, in the same, or an easier way, you do on the desktop website.

Advertisement websites to sell second hand books India

The first step to sell second hand books India is to open the app or visit the website, and choose the option to post the advertisement. Once you do it, you will get a list of categories, for posting the advertisement in an easier way to communicate with the buyers. In your case, the category will be books, or something related to education. After choosing the category, you will have to give the name of the book, which is written as a title on the book. You can enter the genre of the books, the name of the author, and add a small note about the book, which is optional. You should actually fill up all the information, which you are asked to fill up, if you are finding a number of buyers within a small period of time.

Choosing online portals to sell different products as a good option

Second Hand Book Selling

In such cases, you will have to post the advertisement, such that it becomes visible to others on the portals. Depending upon the type of book, the advertisement of which you have posted, you might get calls from the buyers, from the very day, that you have posted the advertisement. You should also enter the price of the book, which you expect from the buyers.

Start negotiating with unknown buyers through friends

Sell Second Hand Books

A lot of friends in your friend circle are there, whom you can help with the books, you have completed. You can get in touch with the friends through the common friends in your circle that know both. It can fetch you good amount of money, and later, you can get the same assistance back from the friend, when you need some book, where the friend can help you.

Get a buyer from a book lover in library

Book Selling to Book Lover

Once you find the perfect buyer to sell second hand books India from a library or so, you should ask the buyer to meet you at a safe place, which you can trust. In the case, as well, you can negotiate with the buyer to choose the safest place. Once you and the buyer choose the safest place or the same library for meeting and purchasing, you are almost ready for the deal, and you are done with the selling of the book, to a book lover, you met in a library.

Sell to books to a school or college library

Book selling India

There are a number of schools and universities, where you can give your own books, and you can get money for it, as well. It is one of the best ways to sell second hand books India as you can do charity in one hand, and earn a lot of cash on the other. If you have a huge number if books, you have finished reading, it can be the best way to sell books in India

Have your tried Tradly App ?

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