Ten start-ups in India that stood up to conserve and save our environment  

If you’re reading this article on Ten start-ups in India that stood up to conserve and save our environment, it means you have your priorities right and that begins with preserving our most quintessential gift – environment. All of us aspire to do that ‘something big’ in life, hit a major milestone, and live our lives effortlessly.

How many times does this ‘something big’ constitutes, perhaps, saving our environment, ecology, our forests, or, maybe ozone layer?  Do we really think of doing something for our environment? Yes, maybe, a lot of times but do we ever really think of converting our thought processes into actual career choices? Definitely, some really do.

With the increasing threat hovering around our Home, some people have decided to join hands to defeat this Leviathan that is killing what is left good of our surroundings. These people have taken a bold step to build Ten start-ups in India that are solely focussed on one single goal of achieving a utopian world were garbage and dump were not even near any dictionary what so ever.

In this article, we are going to pick up Ten start-ups in India that have pledged to protect our mother Earth against all odds and have taken this oath quite seriously.

  1. I Got Garbage

    The people at I Got Garbage have pledged to make the lives of the rag pickers convenient and economic by taking into consideration the problem of solid waste management and the deteriorating working and livelihood conditions of the rag pickers. They’ve pledged to make conditions better for the rag pickers by helping them to offer waste management services by converting themselves into franchises and provide online options for people at different spaces to opt for their services in an area. The start up aims at “dignified livelihood for rag pickers” and “less landfills for all”. To find out more about this Ten start-ups in India, log on to – http://www.igotgarbage.com/


2. The Upcycle Project

The permanence of art is embedded in every item in nature. Once you come to think of it, you’ll realise you can create art from ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. This is what Amishi Shah, the founder of The Upcycle Project,that uses the simple logic of literally ‘upcycling’ waste materials instead of recycling them which consumes more energy and the end product might or might not be as good as the upcycled product will be. What the initiative does is takes random waste and used items and creates art out of the same thereby decreasing the amount of waste generated and protecting the environment. Right now, the Ten start-ups in India works with waste vinyl records to create absolutely mesmerizing gifting and decoration merchandise. Vinyl Records are made from PVC, which is otherwise not recyclable. Hence, these creative minds thought upcycling them would be the best option. You can read more about the initiative and also check out their products at https://www.theupcycleco.com/


3. Waste Ventures

This is a waste management initiative which is taking India’s solid waste disposal towards a more environmentally sustainable road. This start up aims at providing waste collection and processing services at personal as well as private spaces. They claim to have averted a total of 3,000 tonnes of waste since 2013 from Indian dumpsites. You can simply contact them to make use of their services for household, corporate, and urban waste management. To know more- https://wasteventures.com/

Waste Ventures

 4. Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd

This start-up aims at breaking the process of waste management that is adopted in India where the waste is simply thrown into dump sites or landfills for further stagnation. They provide ‘decentralised waste management solutions’ at homes or outside. Having taken care of both biodegradable and non biodegradable waste, this start up aims at using BIOGAS plants for biodegradable waste and for non biodegradable waste, recycling. They have a multi layered system for waste management to achieve the goal of zero waste and for this, the team works in many ways, to know more about their functioning, log on to http://www.sampurnearth.com/

Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  1. Ecofemme

    Health and sanitation go hand in hand and in India sanitation has always been a taboo as well a recurring problem. With the world coming to age, the invention of tampons and sanitary napkins has made the life of women convenient as well as harmful. Harmful not only for the women but also for the environment. The used napkins harm the environment due to their toxic material as well as the plastic used in the making of the napkins. Ecofemme is here to create a change in the way women use menstrual products that are unhealthy for the bodies of women as well the environment. Ecofemme sells washable cloth pads, and also spreads awareness about menstruation among the masses thereby empowering women across the world, and maintaining environmental sustainability. Join their movement at https://ecofemme.org/ 5

  2. Sahaas– 

    ‘Zero-Waste solution’ at Sahaas, which is a Bangalore based start-up, works with all the waste producers and works towards implementation of waste management solutions specified by the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules outlined by the Supreme Court of India. This within Ten start-ups in India is passionate towards finding solutions to manage waste that are scientific and absolutely environmental friendly thereby aiming to create zero waste communities. It runs various projects to manage waste such as Neigbourhood Awareness Program among others. Sahaas also has collection centres at various places that are bifurcated into e-waste collection and tetra pack collection centres to name a few. To know more: http://saahas.org/home/


  1. POM POM

    Throwing away everything that you think isn’t useful is not always the solution. This Ten start-ups in India here tells us that throwing away is not the solution but giving it away is! Yes, giving away type of recyclable item that might not be useful for you, for instance, empty trash cans, can decrease the waste dumped into landfills and the energy produced through recycling can also be put to judicious use. POM POM accepts all sorts of recyclables right outside your place and swears to keep the environment waste free! What’s more is that not only they collect your recyclables but also pay for the same. So, what would be better than getting rid of unwanted properties and getting moolah for the same? Call them right away from- http://www.pompom.in/about-us.php 7

  2. Say Trees-

    Born in the ‘City of Gardens’ Bangalore, SayTress is a start-up that works around the idea of planting trees which are the lifeline of human existence. This Ten start-ups in India runs upto 50 plantation drives in just four months during monsoon. Apart from planting the trees, it also does the work of sensitising the masses towards the significance of trees and conservation of environment. You can also be a part of this exceptionally amazing initiative towards conserving what we’re losing and making your mark in the environment. To volunteer, log on to http://saytrees.org/


  1. Priti International

    This particular within Ten start-ups in India made it to our list for its uniqueness in making riches out of rags, quite literally. This venture works at designing and manufacturing myriad handcrafted products right out of waste. They excel in making handbags out of old gunny bags, tents, denims and many more waste products. To their reward, this start-up exports its products to countries like USA, China, and Australia and is also the biggest exporter of waste handmade items and the only one in India to export to China. Spectacular, isn’t it?


  1. Help Us Green

    This initiative is aiming at preserving the sacred river Ganges from becoming a dreadful drain by recycling the flower waste from religious places into lifestyle products. You’d be stunned to know that about 80,00,000 metric tonnes of flower waste is dumped into river Ganga which makes the river highly poisonous and sewer-like. They use the flower waste to make absolutely chemical free products like incense sticks, and vermicompost for the plants.
    To know more about their products, visit