Strategies of bargaining and second hand product purchase

One of the worst problems, which the purchasers or the customers face, when they reach the supermarket, is in the process of bargaining. You do not need any details of the term bargaining, if you are a shopper. Still, for convenience, you should know about it. According to the dictionary, the term bargaining refers to the process of negotiating with the price of a product, such that you can get it at a price, in which you want. If you can get the price at your suitable price, you have won, else you will sadly have to pay a quite high price for the same product.

The bargaining practice


bargaining is important for second hand product

All the shoppers out there do bargain, may be, a few do less bargaining. But, all the shoppers bargain. A number of shoppers do their bargaining in a blind way, and their only objective is to reduce the price to their level. It is the most basic level of bargaining, which work in most cases, but not all the cases. The leading markets will never reduce the price of the items, through the process of bargaining. Today, a number of popular supermarkets have come up, offering quality products at high prices. Thus, if you want to bargain, you should find other different ways to bargain to turn the prices your way.

The leading tactic

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check price before buy them

Today, a number of shopping portals are available. You should check the prices of the same items from the leading shopping portals and check, whether the seller is selling the price at a reasonable price. Referring to the prices of the items at leading shopping portals can be great, to get the products at quite affordable prices. Today, a number of mobile apps are available, and you can carry them in your pocket. When you need to check the details, you can get the information about the specific items from the reputed online stores. It is one of the best ways for effective bargaining. Though, you may not cut the prices to half, but it will be quite effective to get the product at a cheaper price.

Know about prices in other supermarkets

super market products

Try to bring the examples of the same product at different prices in other supermarkets, if the last tricks do not work for you. The sellers will always come with the excuse that the online portals will always offer products at lucrative discounts, which will never be available for the physical stores. In order to tackle the situation, you should come with the prices of the same product from different other supermarkets. Once you do it, they will fail to give you any excuse, and thus, they will eventually end up giving you the product at a lucrative discount.

The strategies

second hand items

If you are willing to purchase any second hand product, and want to turn the price to your way, there are some different strategies, which have worked in most of the cases. Here are a few of the most leading strategies, which you should definitely use, if you are going to purchase any second hand item from a person you know, or even a stranger. You should utilize one of the mentioned strategies, or you can even use all, to get the item at the cheapest possible price.

Start comparing

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compare items before buying second hand product

The best method to get the item at your expected price, is to compare the price of the second hand product with a same first hand product. Make them seller understand that you have the ability to purchase the same item at a firsthand price, but, you are not doing that. It is a great method, if the seller is in a hurry to sell off the items. If the seller is not in a hurry, it is best to calculate the deprecation value of the items and know a few economic parameters just to make the seller understand, they are asking for an unfair price. Just tell them the price of a gadget reduces to 50 percent of the original price, every year, which can be quite helpful to get the item, at a quite cheap price.

Know a few economic aspects


bargain properly before buy

If the product has some defects, which are already disclosed by the seller, use it as a strategy against the seller and ask them to reduce the price further for the defects, which he has mentioned. Consider, the price of a firsthand item is $500, and you are going to purchase it after 2 years. It should reduce to$250 the first year, and $125 for the 2nd year. In case the seller mention some defects, ask the seller to give further discounts, by asking the seller to sell it off at $120 for a single defect and $115 for 2 defects and on. Thus, keep on reducing the price by $5 for every defect the seller mentions. It is really a great strategy, if you want to bargain, for purchasing any second hand product.

Know about the product

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know about second hand product

But, in a number of cases, you might need to purchase some gadget, which you do not have good knowledge about. Consider it to be a car. If you have learnt driving, just a few days ago, you might not know everything about a car. If a car is given to you, you cannot understand the pros and cons of the car, in one single test drive. You may need to drive it a number of times, before you understand the faults. Thus, it is always great to take a person with you, who is a veteran of a car, such that the person can easily understand the pros and cons of the car, in a single test drive. May it be a car or something else, a computer, a television, or anything, which you do not have much knowledge, you should find an expert in the same field, when you go to purchase something, which is second hand.

Never get allured to cheap price

choose the right seller before purchasing second hand product

When you go to purchase something, which is a second hand item, you should not get allured to it, because of the cheap price. A number of purchasers are available who want to sell an item to make some profit. In many cases, they sell completely faulty products at quite cheap rates, masking the fault of the product, keeping you in dark about the true condition of the gadget. If you are in a hurry, you might end up purchasing a second hand product, which is completely faulty. Thus, you should be intelligent enough to understand the sellers. You should even ask the purchaser, the question, “Why are you willing to sell the product at such a cheap price?” If the purchaser can give a proper answer to the question, you can choose the seller, but, if you cannot get a proper answer, you should reject the seller from your list.

The use of online portals

search well

Moreover, there are a number of popular online selling portals available. All the users of the internet can use the service to post their own advertisements for selling online. As all the users can post it, there are a number of fake advertisements, as well. In case the advertisements are not fake, but it can also be a trap for the purchasers. Thus, you should ask intelligent questions to know, whether the seller is a genuine one. There are a number of ways to recognize genuine sellers from the fake ones. If the seller ask you to meet him or her at a place, which you know to be perilous, you should avoid meeting the seller at the designated location. In such a case, you should ask him to meet at a place, which you know proper well. If the seller do not agree, you should reject the offer, else you can accept the purchaser for the next steps.

Know all the aspects

Thus, there are a number of aspects, which you should know about bargaining, and purchasing second hand products. If you take the correct steps, you will eventually end with profit, in the best case, or a product, which is helpful. In the worst case, you might face bad consequences, which nobody wants to face.