Calicut University, Thenhipalem, Malapuram

The Calicut University was built with the help of a government initiative where government planned to bifurcate the University. Four postgraduate departments were shifted to the new University with 54 colleges spread across the northern districts.

  • The University comprises of 30 postgraduate departments and 480 colleges and it is the guiding light to education for various prospective candidates in Kerala.
  • Calicut University is located in Thenhipalem, Malapuram which is in the South of Kerala.

The college is situated beside the 28 postgraduate teaching and research departments. The University has also set up a number of extension centers in Thrissur, Calicut, and Vatakara. The University also has teacher education centers and Information centers in all five districts that are under its jurisdiction which students can also visit. Apart from graduate and postgraduate courses, the University has also introduced integrated M Phil and doctorate programs.

The University has also launched various new programs in computer application and information technology, health, fashion designing, social work, printing technology, automobile engineering and computer hardware as well. This is known to be the first digital University in Kerala which has established smart classes and has also helps in the modernization of libraries.

  • There are 480 colleges that are affiliated to the University of which 120 are located in Kozhikode, 101 in Thrissur, 130 in Mallapuram, 86 in Palakkad and 18 in Wayanad.
  • The ranking as overall India is 19 and as South India, it is 17.
  • The University has been noted as one of the most famous and well known residential universities in Kerala.
  • It is the 26th best university in India and has been accreditated with an A grade.

Calicut University

What makes the Calicut University a must study Place?

Calicut University is a good University for self-learning. The college is also known to have a very good infrastructure with good facilities. The college has good classrooms, library, and medical facilities. The classes are known to be very interactive and are an amalgamation of mixed lectures, case studies, and presentations. All presentations are shared with the students. The labs are well structured as well. Nirmaya Karmana Sree’ is the main motto of the University and the University follows these principles and values.

Advantages of studying in the Calicut University

Calicut University is one of the most well-known Universities in South India where a number of students study various subjects. The main advantage of studying at this University is that students from far distant places can also pursue online courses and distant education. They are provided with ID card of the University, Enrollment number, Photographs, Syllabus and Textbooks, Study materials, Address Slip, Qualifying mark sheets, and the admit card to the examination hall at the time of examination.

The different features that the Calicut University offers

University Library

The Calicut University Library was established in the year 1971 and mainly focuses on conservation and dissemination of knowledge to all the students and the teachers. The library provides all kinds of information to the academic community in the Malabar Region.The University library is known to have a vast collection of ninety-five thousand books and subscribes to 218 Journals and 16 Newspapers. The library is also known to follow the American cataloging rules with a few modifications. It is a fully automated library in the state of Kerala. The library is situated in the Thenhippalam on the side of the NH17 and is 23 Kilometers away from the historic Calicut City.

Apart from the large University library, the University also has a Study center library that serves the academic community. The library is known to have a rich collection of various books, e-books, journals, news magazines, dissertation papers, maps, CDs, and various other books. The collection includes 107948 books and about 2500 back volumes of journals. There are various collections in the digital library as well. The library also follows a strict rule pattern where people are not allowed to function beyond the working hours.


The hostel facility is also great. The hostel is located in the college campus with all required facilities. They provide overall good facilities for girls as well as boys

Sports facilities

The University is also known to have various sports facilities for all athletes. The department also has a number of well-known sports people like PT Usha and Bobby Gorge who have won a number of awards.

Calicut University

Book Store

The Calicut University Bookstore is run by the University publication division. It is one of the unique bookstores all over the world. The campus community can also get a variety of books and journal publishers comprising of Orient Longman, foundation books, current books, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Vallathol Vidya Peetam along with University books as well. Maximum discounts of 33% are offered to students of the college for Malayalam books and 5% discount on English books. Apart from books, you can also buy stationary items, apparels, gaming equipment and more.

The Internet booth

An Internet booth is run by the students Union of the University under the guidance of the student’s dean. The rate of the booth is Rs 10 per hour compared to all the other nearby booths.

The Right to Information Act

The Calicut University monitoring committee has been constituted in the University in order to enable to gather information as per the Right to Information Act 2005.This helps the University maintain transparency and accountability in relation to all other public bodies. In order to get the right to information, the applicant must give his full postal address in the application for information. A challan for Rs. 10/- remitted in the Calicut University Account or a demand draft is drawn in favor of the Finance Officer

Calicut University

How can you get forms for admission?

The University of Calicut is located in the state of Kerala. The University is known to offer 24 undergraduate and 22 postgraduate programs. It also offers part-time and full-time courses in M Phil and Ph.D. programs. Most of the programs are run in the University affiliated colleges while the master degree and the Ph.D. courses are run in the University teaching and research department. The admission to all the programs is based on various University, state level, and national level aptitude tests. The Undergraduate admissions are managed by the UGCAP while the postgraduate admissions are managed through the PGCAP. Research candidates follow a different admission procedure and the University conducts a separate admission test for both programs.

Calicut Universities admits students under the UG admissions, PG admissions, MBA admissions and the M Phil and Ph.D. admissions. The entrance examination is conducted by the University where you would have to score a minimum of 50% marks in the similar discipline.

Getting the application forms

The application form for various programs is available in the Calicut University Central Co-operative stores as well as their other branches. All applications are addressed to Controller of Examinations University of Calicut, P O Pin-673635 Kerala.

Application forms are found on the website

What kind of courses are offered by the University

Calicut University offers a number of courses for their students.

  • It offers M Phil and Ph.D. courses as well as Masters Degree courses, Bachelors degree courses, PG diploma courses, Certificate courses, and Cost based courses as well.
  • M Phil and Ph.D. courses are available for subjects like Arabic, Botany, Chemistry and Economics, English, Education, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Zoology, Sanskrit and various kinds of other courses.
  • MA, M.Sc and M Com has a varied number of subjects to choose from and apart from the conventional courses, there are courses like MBBS, M Ed, MCA, MTA, MSW, M. Ped and various other courses.

In order to get admission for these courses, you must sit for an exam and get a high score.

Fee Structure of Calicut University

As compared to all other colleges, the University of Calicut is not as expensive as other Universities as it is controlled by the government. Fees need to be paid only for examinations and study materials and a minimum amount for admission. The application fee comes at a price of 25 Rs and each theory paper is 30 Rs per paper. The Course fee for BA paper is 1400 Rs annually and the course fee for B Com and B Sc is 1600Rs.The BBA course fee is Rs 3000 while BMMC course fees are Rs.40000. The fine for defaulter candidates is 100 Rs, 100 Rs for matriculation fees, 150 Rs for rematriculation fees and Rs 100 for recognition fees. Application fees need to be submitted online. The Question bank for UG and PG courses are available in the link and study material can be found in The Syllabus for UG and PG course is available at Calicut University fee structure has been revised recently.

Is that an option where you can download Calicut University college books?

Nowadays the online technology has gained grounds and many people are downloading books from various websites instead of buying the same. There are options wherein you can download books from Calicut University. You can either purchase books from them by paying by demand draft or you can also download their books from various different websites. Just go to the website >  All books are written as per the syllabus. These books are also known to cater to the needs of students for all subjects who are taught in the University. You can choose from a wide range of books either for free or for a minimal course.

Websites to check Calicut University results online

The results can be checked online from the website Apart from that results can also be checked from the University website

The Pareeksha Bhavan is the University examination center which conducts examinations for all the courses and also evaluates the answer scripts, processes the marks, announces results, issues degrees and diplomas as well as certificates. It provides efficient service to all their students. A dedicated computer center with servers and 60 terminals has been set up at Pareeksha Bhavan. The center also provides online results of all the examinations.

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Where can you find Calicut University job vacancies?

People who would like to find a job in the Calicut University can visit the University website There are various job vacancies in the University and candidates can also apply online for professors, disability management officers, Developmental psychotherapists, Lecturer, assistant professors, Guest lecturers, computer operators, an electrical engineer and various other positions.

Calicut University