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Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. I was going through their blogs while i stumble upon reading nivasravichandran site. Its seems he joined Freshdesk after the acquisition of frilp.

I learned how Nivas branded himself in the social media channels and also emphasized the importance of content marketing for startups. So was wondering how he would done the same content marketing in freshdesk.

Using their rss feed, i was able to find the list of most shared freshdesk post. Their content marketing is inspirational and good learning for us.

Freshdesk chennai blog

Rss feed

Their contents has been structured as

  1. Client Stories
  2. How to guide for customer support teams
  3. Competition and employees
  4. Their product releases

1. Client stories

Client stories are always a best content that can do word of mouth marketing for any companies, People believe and attracted to the similar nature that is attracted to what the other clients are saying. so if we see all the top shared articles from their blogs, their client stories tops the position. Few articles for your reference:

Learnings for Tradly Team: As a social marketplace app which allow people to trade items with their friendly community creating fun and safe environment, its good idea that we should showcase our top users and ask them what they think about us instead of we explain ourself through display ads.

2. How to guide for customer support teams

Shopify blog is first inspiration on the content marketing which has lot of valuable contents aka resources which helps small business. For a normal person perspective, there is no profit which shopify gains through the contents but its a indirect way of acquiring the customers with related contents. Similar to the business nature, freshdesk has crafted its how to content for its clients through its own experience.

Few articles for reference: 

Learnings: Our target audience for tradly is college students who have higher probability to become as our app users in future.  To achieve that, we have started preparing a content marketing plan which contents provide a valuable resource to the student community instead of we try to promote the app through digital ads.

3. About Competition and employees

This topic is an interesting piece, this content really irk the people who wanted to join a fight with big shark or winning the race. There will be always(ok mostly!) a bigger player for whatever the business model you have but as a team we should be always believe in we can make difference with what we have. Thats really inspire people like us and also it indirectly allow the like minded founders to join the race by supporting them(indirectly acquiring clients). On employees articles, those contents explains and attracts talents why they need to join their team.

Few articles for reference:

Lesson: For us snapdeal is going to be threat as they also evolving as social commerce c2c. We have launched our beta app on Jan 2015 with one developer in hand with basic features but even though their first release was happen on july last year, they are able to move fast with social feed features recently released. but we still believe in we make a difference with our own approach with inspiration from players like freshdesk 5 years of journey.

Other Articles

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This article is intended to show the learnings from our observation and hope its not a content copy or anything. please feel to share if you find anything.