Buying Guide – Plug and Play C2C Marketplace Mobile App platform

Looking for a white-labeled plug and play C2C (peer to peer) Marketplace Platform? Tradly is an advanced social mobile app designed for the consumer to consumer-based services. We also provide a customized solution for people who are aspiring to build their idea and for their community or region.

Tradly has a plug and play-based c2c mobile app which you can sign up and launch in 30days. we provide a one-time license self-hosted or also software as a service…
The easiest way to kickstart start your idea is without involving much technical stuff. The development takes a lot of time in getting the idea into life. Instead of spending your effective time on it, focusing on the launch and growth might be a good idea. Tradly, a much-advanced c2c (peer to peer ) social marketplace app we designed for Indian consumers has been inspired and helped another brand in the Middle East to launch their idea within a short time. Then we thought why not help others who share the same passion as us?

You may be a founder without a tech co-founder or tech team or serial entrepreneur who wants to test an idea or want to have first-mover advantage or a small who team who already has a website with a good user base. You want a mobile app for this smartphone generation.

Few of the features in Tradly C2C app:

Why should you consider using a white-labeled plug and play marketplace app?

  • saves your time on developing the app
  • Saves your time on thinking and shaping each module
  • Imagine the time you need to spend for every quality check and bug fixing
  • Imagine the time you need to share the apk with your Friends and early adopters to test the feature, design, and functionality
  • You need to set up analytics for your app
  • You need to install vitality growth tools inside the app
  • You need to set up an email systems
  • Infrastructure
  • It’s not straightforward like building a website, the app ecosystem is much more complicated than we can imagine.

We are like you at the initial time, We have gone through all the pains of building a marketplace app, there are a lot of bottlenecks between development to launch. That’s the crucial time, a lot of entrepreneurs end up spending time, energy, and sometimes not able to finish because of lack of resources. Save time on developing and spend your time on testing the idea, market, and growing the user base.

What’s next if you are ready to work with us launching your c2c app marketplace platform?

  1. Pre-analysis and quote
  2. Tell us the language
  3. Play mode: Copy of Tradly c2c app or small customization or total customization in terms of functionality
  4. Provide a quote to you an estimated timelines


  1. Payment plan selection
  2. Sign the agreement on terms and condition


  1. provide the timeline of each customization to you
  2. Infrastructure setup
  3. Language and Color palette setup
  4. Branding
  5. Backend setup
  6. Front end tweaks
  7. Analytics setup
  8. Admins dashboard


  1. Testing
  2. Client feedbacks
  3. Testing
  4. Client feedbacks
  5. And launch
  6. Post-one-month monitoring of the app running and maintenance

You can contact us  to get product deck to understand more about the product feature or download indian c2c marketplace app on android store

Some of  the frequent question as our other clients:

  1. Where will be my data? Your server
  2. Will I own the product code? No, code is our asset and so we won’t be able to give full access to it
  3. How do I customize? We offer managed solutions where our Developers can customize anything for you at the best rate that is considerable to you
  4. What type of marketplace app you can build? We build all types of models. Service marketplace or product marketplace or rental marketplace or a charity marketplace as well
  5. Do you offer a payment feature? Yes upon request. We can add most advanced payment solutions such as stripe or adyan or we can analyze and implement local payment solutions according to the region You offer

Feel free to write us in the below form or contact in Live chat.