Visvesvaraya Technological University – Complete Guide From Application to Job

Visvesvaraya Technological University is one of the best universities in India today due to its enriched study culture as well amazing learning environment for the students. The popular university has been a phenomenon for all the students who are looking for a place to nurture their career under the guidance of one of the most high profile faculties in the country.

A few pictures of Visvesvaraya Technological University

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Visvesvaraya Technological University Campus Road View

Visvesvaraya Technological University Campus Road View

Visvesvaraya Technological University Campus

Visvesvaraya Technological University Campus


Visvesvaraya Technological University

VTU application forms of 2016

The online application forms have been released for several courses in Visvesvaraya Technological University. The students have to know the course details first, and then they can take the simple application process. If you want to apply for the Admission to Comprehensive Tourist Guide Training Program, then you have to write the course name on the upper portion of the application form.

  • Fill up the blank spaces with the right details. The authority can sue the person, if there is any wrong info.
  • A passport size photo is needed to complete the process. Paste the photo in the box properly and write the name and phone number behind the photograph.
  • Be careful about signing under the form, because the students have to maintain the same signature throughout the session.

The students must follow the terms and conditions of the authority. The University has full right to accept or reject any student. The students must submit the form and the fees on time; otherwise the application would be rejected. Follow the guidelines to apply for courses in 2016. The students must obey every rule. If they can submit their form in a perfect way, then the personal interview and merit test will decide the future.

List of UG Courses in VTU

The students must enter into the home page of VTU and then they can see the programs chart under the page. Here, the students can get valuable details of every undergraduate course offered by the university.

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU - Under Graduate Courses

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU – Under Graduate Courses

The online filling examination form is available for the candidates. There are some rules and regulations. The candidates must approach the Head of their departments to get the permission. There are some more rules to follow. Click on the Online Filling Examination Application forms of the 2016 and get all details cordially.

List of PG courses offered by VTU in 2016

The postgraduate courses like, Computer Aided Design and Structure, Hydraulics, Highway Technology, Structural, Transportation Engineering and others like, Biotechnology Board, E & E Board, IP, Mach board are in the list. All prosperous courses are present under the VTU university. The colleges under the university are co-ordinating the best education system in several engineering and degree courses.

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU (Post Graduate Courses)

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU (Post Graduate Courses)

The students can get the excellent study unit in India’s first International Institute of Industrial Safety Management. The VTU university has been approved the institute to explore the subject in the Indian educational system. The institute is in Bangalore in Karnataka. The students have to invest their 1 year behind two semesters.

The postmodern education system is offering Nano Technology courses in the Centre of Nano Technology. The students can complete their M. Tech in two years. There are 25 seats only. Therefore, the students must be very eligible to get the chance. The B. E or B. Tech pass outs can apply as well as the Ceramics, biomedical, Chemical Engineering and other students. Everybody should match their eligibility with the criteria to apply for the course.

Fast Online courses offered by VTU in 2016

The university has infrastructure for PhD and MSC Eng. The PhD research scholars can reduce the duration of their course. The Online PhD Thesis Evaluation and Tracking System can provide the direct guidance of the HOD. The students must submit 3 copies of their final synopsis and some other documents to get the facility. The detailed course list is present in the online pages of the university. The students have to type VTU to reach at the right destination.

The e-learning segment of the university has various study centers in India that offer all BCA, MCA, PhD, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Network Engineering and other courses.

The students can use their web to be the candidate of Web based e-learning system. The details of different subjects are in the links.

There are more links that can drive the students in the PDF pages. The students have to fill the pages after knowing all details of their course. The info like, Name, Address, Course Code, Mobile No, Eligibility (marks, board/university) and photographs would be there. The course fee details like the cost and type of payment have to be informed.

The Fees like, application fees, registration fees, special attendance fees and others are different; therefore, the students should make a budget. There are some exams that can secure the scholarships for students as well.

Download the exam result from VTU websites

Now, the students can see their results from different websites of Visvesvaraya University. There is an option to download the PDF as well. is the website address.

  • Students have to type the name or they can paste the link to jump into the page.
  • There would be a simple dialogue box below the page.
  • The candidates must enter the right code and then click on the submit button to receive the results.
  • The page clearly describes the semester results, which has come out already. Therefore, the students of the particular semester can receive their report card. is another website address to get the results. Here, the candidates must follow the same procedure to get results. The students of specific region will know the latest status of their result from the page. There are many sub-links that can connect the students with more pages. The pages will brief the details of required semester. is another site reference for the candidates. Here, the students of the university can know about the results of different semesters in details.  There would be some write-ups that define the exam as well.

If the common sites are very busy, then the students can open to get results. The site is approached in modern fashion. The candidates have to enter the USN number in the box. Thus, they can connect with their results directly from the home page.

Download the books of all semesters of VTU from the links is a professional website for VTU books. The e-books of B.E, B. Tech, M. Tech, MBA and engineering courses are out on the site. The students of every region can download the books from the link. The VTU notes of renowned professors are out there as well. The students can know all the details of their institution and can get the latest updates of their subject papers. is an authorized educational site. The candidates can get all the books of Engineering Physics. The site has the books as per as the syllabus of the university. Therefore, the students can grab the authentic notes. Some blogs are in the link, which can show the list of books on the site. is another valuable site for VTU students. Here, the students of different semester can find the important authors of Engineering, Technology, Telecommunication, Mechanics, Biotechnology and others. has wide collection of e-resources for the students. The candidates can surf different journals of their subjects. The site is continuously updated by the developers. Therefore, the latest notes are present here. The students can reach at different links from the home page of the website. The Emerlad, Knimbus, Taylor & Francis and other sub-links are present in the E-sources category. The sub-links can carry the students at different contents on various subjects.

Things to follow in paying the course fees

Primarily, the students must know the way to know their course fees. The conventional process of reaching at the VTU or college (under VTU) office and know the collect the fee menu is old. Now, the candidates of all regions can get the fee chart from different sites.

The Postgraduate, Undergraduate and other students can know the admission fees, registration, application, semester, exam and other additional fees in the sites. The official VTU site is the safest destination to collect the required info. Yet, the students can search in or to get the details of B. Tech and M. Tech course fees.

After collecting enough info about the course fee, the students must verify that. There are options of calling at the university number, send email and letter for verification.

The students should add the charges of online registration (if there is) with the budget. The course fees of the semesters are different. The exact amounts of exam fees are present in
If you want to know about the course fees, then can help for the bachelor degree courses.

The candidates can find tuition fees along with the registration fees at

Notes: The exact amount of the fees should be submitted on time, otherwise the application can be cancelled.

Apply for the perfect recruitment in 71 empty spaces of VTU

The university has announced to recruit 71 professionals in different posts. The applicant must follow the underwritten before submitting the applications.


  1. The applicants must have the certificate of B.E, B. Tech or M.E, M. Tech.
  2. The applicants must have the pass marks in their results.
  3. The age of the applicants should be between 18 -0 40 years.
  4. The date of submission must be followed strictly.
  5. watch the link to get all details of applications including pay scales in several posts of the university. There are posts for professors, assistant professors, lab assistant, helper and other. The eligibility criteria are different for the posts.

The lab assistant and helpers must pass minimum 7th standard. The general candidates have to pay 600/ as the application fees. There are discounts for the special candidates. The age limit is between 35 – 40 years. There will be an interview and a screen test session to assure the job.

The students of Visvesvaraya Technological University can get several recruiting facilities during their semesters. The international platforms of different industries are open for the students.

Utilize high priced books after the semesters

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