Tradly Marketplace
A little about


Our dream is to create an online marketplace with safe and friendly local community  to discover, connect and trade using Tradly App. Tradly is a social marketplace where people can connect to sell, buy, donate and swap their used/new items. Best of all, it’s free and instant via mobile. 

Our Tradly community loves Tradly app for its ease of use and numerous fun features. They use it to:

  • Discover unique pre loved items
  • Discover nearby people,  independent sellers and micro shops 
  • Have fun connecting with people in community
  • Buy, Sell, Swap and give away to their community.

Tradly Community Buy and Sell various items from books to fashion!


Tradly user can discover items from their social product feed. In order to personalize your feed, you can follow that profiles you like and get their listing updated on your social feeds.

As standard way of discovery, Tradly community will still be able to discover interesting items by categories such as books, fashion( used clothes to pre loved bags).,etc.

With Tradly, You can easily follow your favorite boutique store and lucrative designers items. All the new items that the users posted in the market place will be notified to you instantly.

Get notified if someone follow your profile & like your item posted items – all in one place! It will help you to stay connected with your news feed.

Discover the listings posted by your friends from your college community. You can swap, sell and give away your new/used items

Now you connect with anyone through the inbuilt safe chat option and be engaged with each other without revealing your personal information.