Madras University – A Complete Guidebook For Students

Madras University is known to be one of the oldest Universities in South India. The jurisdiction if the University areas have been confined to 3 areas. The Madras University is a Public University in Tamilnadu which was established in the year 1857.It is known to be one of the most premier educational institutions in India.

The college research university has six campuses in the cities in Chepauk, Marina, Guindy, Taramani, Maduravoyal and Chetpet.The University comprises of 73 departments which are grouped all under 18 schools which cover various educational areas like science, social sciences and humanities, management and medicine. In this guide we will cover the below list of things, click the title to directly go your preferred section

  1. Madras University Pictures

  2. Madras University historical background

  3. Madras University Application form 2016

  4. List of UG courses offered in Madras University

  5. List of course PG courses offered in Madras University

  6. Websites to check Exam results in Madras University

  7. Websites to download books of Madras University Courses

  8. Madras University Courses fees

  9. Madras University GPA calculation Method and sample calculation

  10. Easy GPA Calculator
  11. Where to find Madras University Job Vacancy 2016

  12. Where to Buy, Sell Swap books of Madras University

Madras University Pictures

Madras university


Madras University Logo

University of Madras

Madras University historical background

The University is also known to have 109 affiliated colleges and 52 approved research institutions. The University has been given a five star rating by the National Accreditation and assessment Council as well as has been said to be a University that has all the prospective of excellence results by the University Grants Commission. The University also has departments like history, Archeology, Comparative philology, and Indian Economics.

Madras University History

The Chepauk campus of the University has the Vice chancellors secretariat along with the central library, auditorium, centenary, and the senate house. The oriental and Indian languages departments are located in the Marina Campus while Guindy has the natural science departments. The campus at Taramani has the medical sciences departments as well.

Madras University Application form 2016

The admission procedure is based on the marks of the qualifying examination as well as the marks of the examination carried out during admission. You can choose from a variety of courses in the Undergraduate as well as the post graduate level. There are various certificate programmers as well as diploma programmers as well. The application form for admission can be downloaded from the website as well.

Madras University Form

You can also opt for the distant education programme.The application form should be fully completed and submitted with all the details and supporting documents along with the registration fees. Along with the merit marks the university will follow the eligibility criteria that are set for each of the courses that are offered by the university. The form can be downloaded from

The application form can also be collected in person with a payment of Rs 100 drawn in favor of the Director IDE, University of Madras that is payable at Chennai or by post by paying Rs 150 by demand draft. You can also collect application forms for M Phil degree examination. The application form can also be downloaded from the University of Madras home website.

List of UG courses offered in Madras University

Madras University offers various undergraduate courses to students from all over the world. The undergraduate courses comprise of Tamil, English, Telegu, Urdu, Historical studies, Public administration and Economics, Vaishnavism, Christian Studies, Criminology, Tamil Literature and Mathematics, Geography, psychology, Medical sociology, hotel management and catering services, fashion and textile, bachelor of multimedia, Yoga, music, business administration, company secretariat and many more.

Madras University courses

The eligibility for all the courses is open to all candidates who have passed any of the following examinations that have been previously conducted by the University, or any other equivalent University. There should a minimum gap of two years after passing class 12 from any school and all supporting higher education documents should be ready with the application form as well.

List of course PG courses offered in Madras University

The university also offers various PG courses for students. The Post Graduate degree courses comprise of Master of Arts in history and archeology, anthropology, applied linguistics and Sanskrit, Arabic, Bharathnatyam and communication, continuing education, corporate sociology, criminal justice, Indian music, philosophy, Intellectual property rights, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, Urdu, MBA, Commerce, Anatomy, All kinds of sciences, Geography, Computer science and the list is simply endless.

These courses are not all comprehensive courses and there are other courses which are offered by the University as well. In order to apply for these courses, the candidate should score qualifying marks in the respective examinations as well as the qualifying exam.
Madras University Online Courses 2016.

Madras Courses

Students who would not be able to join the campus for studies can also opt for distance education studies from any part of the country. You can get a great deal of information about distance education from the university website. Madras Universities distance education course is a premier distant education provider In South India that has put excellence into action.

The University is well known for its printed learning material which is comprehensive and simple as well along with personal contact programs and a wide range of study centers which are available all across the country as well as abroad. The Madras University distance education course comprises of 19 undergraduate, 16 post graduates, 5 professional, 7 M Phil, 12 certificate, 14 diploma, and 2 PG diploma programs. The characteristic that differentiates Madras distance education courses from all other courses are superior student support services that are present all over the worldwide network of different kind of study centers, fixed schemes of examination as well as proper declaration of results. Students who would like to get admission for distant education courses need to download the application forms and submit the same in the university admin office.

All education certificates along with documents have to be submitted along with the registration fees. The University will also follow the eligibility criteria that are set for all courses.

Websites to check Exam results in Madras University

The examination results for Madras University can be obtained from the website You can also check exam results from The 2016 examination results of the UG courses of BA, B Com, B Sc BCA, and BBA soon are announced in the official website “”. You can check the Madras University result by visiting the website of the University of Madras “UNOM”.The students need to go to the official website, search for the result option, select the course name, and enter the Roll no to check the results.

Websites to download books of Madras University Courses

The books for Madras University can be brought in hard copy. They can be downloaded from the website as well. The new textbooks comprise of the revised syllabus for all degree courses. They can also be downloaded from…/partIIenglishug2009.doc There are various websites as well from where you can download free books for all your courses. There are a variety of websites from you can download books of Madras University. You can either buy books from them by paying a demand draft or can download their books from different websites. Download Open Source E books from as well. Books can also be brought, sold or exchanged from Tradly, which is the number one social marketplace in Chennai for swapping, buying and selling of products.

Madras University Courses fees

The course fees of the courses depend on the various courses. The fees for the different branches of Science are the most, followed by Medical, Commerce and Arts. The course fees for the online fees are 8730 Rs for MBA, 25000 for executive MBA, 6730 for M.Sc.

Madras University Fee

If you are opting for Undergraduate distant learning courses, then the fees structure for the same are 2120 Rs for Tamil in three years, as well as Telegu, Urdu, Economic studies, Christian studies, literature and criminology. The science fee structure is a little bit different with Mathematics at 3220Rs, Geography at 3280Rs, B Music, 3220.Bank management and commerce is at Rs 2120Rs while computer application is for Rs 3220.

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Madras University GPA calculator

Madras University is known to follow the Grade Point Average calculator form 2008 regulation batch of students instead of calculating the percentage. This calculator was created following the Madras University CGPA and GPA calculator. This GPA calculator is for all semesters from all over various departments like Aeronautics, Civil, CSE, Mech and many more.

Conversion of Marks to Grade Points and Letter Grade (Performance in a Paper /Course)

The following table gives the marks, grade points, letter grades and classification to indicate the performance of the candidate.

90-100 9.0-10.0 O Outstanding
80-89 8.0-8.9 D+ Excellent
75-79 7.5-7.9 D Distinction
70-74 7.0-7.4 A+ Very Good
60-69 6.0-6.9 A Good
50-59 5.0-5.9 B Average
00-49 0.0 U Re-appear

Formula to calculate for a semester:


GPA =   Sum of the multiplication of grade points by the credits of the courses/ Sum of the credits of the courses in a semester

Ci  = Credits earned for course  in any semester.

Gi = Grade Point obtained for course   in   in any semester.

n    refers to the semester in which such courses were credited.

For example:

My result is

GPA calculation for Anna University (similar to Madras as well)


step1:(Credits Multiply by Grade points earned)

Note: Credits which i have highlighted in red box; Grade points i have highlighted in Blue Box

GPA = (3*5)+(3*7)+(3*7)+(3*7)+(3*5)+(3*7)+(3*8)+(3*9) = 15+21+21+15+21+16+18 = 148

Step2: Refer the Credits earned from the red and sum up(find total). (passed papers and not the arrears)

Total credits Earned = 22


Then your calculation should be = 148/22 = 6.727 ( This is what i have got as GPA)


For the entire programme:


CGPA=Sum of the multiplication of grade points by the credits of the entire programme/ Sum of the credits of the courses of the entire programme

Do the same calculation but include all subjects instead of one semester. Then based on the final number, you can know what’s your classification of the final result




9.5-10.0 O+ First Class   – Exemplary *




9.0 and above but below 9.5 O
8.5 and above but below 9.0 D++ First   Class with Distinction *




8.0 and above but below 8.5 D+
7.5 and above but below 8.0 D
7.0 and above but below 7.5 A++  

First Class

6.5 and above but below 7.0 A+
6.0 and above but below 6.5 A
5.5 and above but below 6.0 B+ Second Class
5.0 and above but below 5.5 B
0.0 and above but below 5.0 U Re-appear

* The candidates who have passed in the first appearance and within the prescribed semester of the PG Programme ( Core, Elective, Non-major Electives and Extra-Disciplinary courses alone) are eligible.

Sample Calculation of Madras University of GPA

Sample Calculation of Madras University of GPA

GPA Calculator



Where to find Madras University Job Vacancy 2016

If you are searching for a job in Madras University, then you can find the same in newspaper advertisements as well as internet. Madras University recently posted various advertisements for young and aspiring candidates or the fulfillment of an Assistant Professor vacancy at ‘Sangappalagai’. You can apply online as well for jobs of assistants, professors, office assistant and so on. You can apply online in the website and create alerts for yourself for job vacancies. University of Madras is recently offering jobs for SRF Anatomy, SRF Genetics, University Research fellowship, Project fellow, JRF Nanotechnology and more. You can also check out the website for more details on the same. Apply online for all the posts with all documents and qualifications

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