Dreaming of building social marketplace app like depop, wallapop, letgo, gumtree?

Dreaming of building social C2C marketplace app like depop, wallapop, letgo, gumtree? You are in the right website .

There are visionaries people who want to get their ideas into reality. Technology has been helping to clear most of the bottlenecks to bring the ideas into reality. The era of platform based business has begun in this century dispurapting  every product type or services. The first famous stint was with Apple App Store where it allow people to buy apps and also sell apps.

From there we got everything platform based business famous eBay to Uber. We believe you would have the similar vision of having a platform for your community or specific interest. But getting that idea into website or a mobile app takes bit of resources from ideation to reality. Now the technology and developers has developed lots of open source , SAAS and Licence based solutions for website but in mobile app, it is very limited number of options.

We had this same concern before as you, and ended with no solutions. So we build our app and we don’t prefer to stop there. We want to partner and help visionary like us to bring their ideas into reality with less technical work on their side to build the app and focus more of their time on reaching their vision to people and increase the growth of the app.

Why should consider using a white labelled plug and play marketplace app ?

  • saves your time on developing the app
  • Saves your time on thinking and shaping each development module
  • Saves the time you need to spend for every quality check and bug fixing
  • Imagine the time you need to share the apk with your friends and early adopters to test the feature , design and functionality
  • You need to setup a analytics for your app
  • You need to install vitality growth tools inside the app
  • You need to setup a email systems
  • Infrastructure
  • It’s not straightforward like building a website, app ecosystem is much more complicated than we can imagine.

Some of the Features in Tradly C2C Mobile Marketplace App :

For End Users

  1. Easy posting of items with simple steps
  2. Personalised Social Feed :  (Our next algorithm will be based on Google Machine Learning)
  3. Up to date Activity notifications
  4. Simple and clear category options
  5. InBuilt Chat functions
  6. User profile

Much more…


If you are interested in partnering with us building a social marketplace app , drop a message >  info@tradly.co