7 smart tips to get rid of old books – Read books

We, bibliophiles, have these quintessentially weird behavioural traits when it comes to our eternal love- BOOKS! We love to walk with, talk to, sleep with, cry to, and laugh with—Guess what?

Yeah there, guessed it right!


Tradly Marketplace

So, now, despite turning to the e-book generation(maybe to save paper), we simply cannot cut off our tentacles that are embedded into those palimpsests and the seductive aroma of newly printed manuscripts-turned-books; for no aroma from Arabia can replace the fragrance of those creamy pages with words performing waltz, and a story that goes on to shape a life.

But, the problem is, what to do with the books already been read? How can we make space for new stock and give out the old stock for the better? FYI, there are myriad ways to sell your old books to right hands to make way for the new ones-

So here we unroll the scroll to enlighten you of ways to sell off your stock and grace the world with the power of words!

1)      Start trading at tradly.co/

Tradly is the best online Marketplace wherein you can sell your old books and bag the best deals. This awesome platform is the best place to sell used items and cash up your life. So, go on, get trading-go Tradly!

2)      Websites to look forward to

We, the descendents of Tim Berners-Lee, know how to make our way to the websites that allow us to sell our precious books for a generous mission of imparting knowledge to all and sundry.  There are a plethora of sites (best being- Tradly) that allow you to get going and help you to target the audience who are in dire need of your old books. Take a look at some of the following-






» Online shopping of Used books, secondhand Books in India @ Bookchor.com

3)      Everything’s fair at a Book Fair

Book fairs are like Disneyland for book lovers and it is the most convenient place to sell your old books and in return, buy new ones! Isn’t it a cool option though? *wink wink*

4)      Let’s barter

It’s a culture that’s still a zygote but it’s on its way of becoming a full-fledged foetus- the culture of book barter. Nowadays, we see different book clubs across cities putting up stalls in colleges/schools that allow students to give away their old books in return of other books that they can select from the stall itself. This way both the parties are equally benefitted, cool enough, no?

5)      Let’s do it apne App

 So far we’ve been talking about websites to sell second hand books but how can we forget about the myriad applications that exist for the same purpose. Some of the apps that can be used to sell second hand books are- //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=booksfortune.bookchor&hl=en (BookChor)

//play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.listup.android&hl=en (ListUp – Buy & Sell Used Stuff)


(ShowMyBook-Buy/Sell Used Books)  

6)      A friend in need is a friend in deed

How can we forget that we’re such friendly amiable social animals? Having said that, let’s put our friendships to some use and circulate books among friends. Either create an online group for buying/selling old books or join one!

7)      Donate/sell at an NGO

This option is, perhaps, the noblest of all the others. By selling your books to a well to do NGO, you’ll not only be getting the old books off your hands but also be doing a great deal of good deed for the benefit of the society.

Comment if you have any other ideas to get rid of old books and used books in your home 🙂